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    The Black Hole of Sales

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    One of the greatest frustrations in business are sales delays. It’s the sale that gets sucked into a Black Hole….seeming to disappear. It’s ‘pending’….always pending!

    Here are the symptoms:

    First, you’re told “everything looks good,” but, as fast as you can say “this one’s a done deal,” you find out that one of the decision makers is on vacation, or “‘the committee hasn’t met,” or “we’re still looking at it,” or…you get the idea.

    What happened? If it didn’t go to your competition, then it either wasn’t a high priority, or lost it’s priority status to something else.

    How do you avoid the Black Hole of Sales?

    -Understand their business, their needs and their goals.

    -How important this sale or supplier change is to their company.
    -Is it budgeted?
    -What is their buying process (who has to sign off on it).
    -Have you earned their trust?

    Here are Seven More Tips:

    1) Ask jump-start questions:
    “what has to happen before we can move ahead?
    “do you feel comfortable recommending it?”
    “what is your timetable for moving ahead?”

    2) Suggest a group-meeting with those delaying the sale to discuss planned usage, benefits and concerns

    3) Uncover hidden objections

    4) Avoid giving empty ultimatums
    …..but when real, be ready to enforce them

    5) Diplomatically make contact with ultimate decision-makers

    6) When other efforts are exhausted
    stay in touch, but move on

    7) Don’t keep taking “no” from someone who doesn’t have the power to say “yes”

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