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    The Top Dog Wins

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    Toyota, Heinz and Hershey. They’ve got branding. Their name says it all. Branding identifies a product, and its perceived value. Hallmark Greeting Cards built an empire with the phrase “when you care enough to send the very best.”  Branding is ‘who you are’ in the minds of your customers.


    Coca Cola, McDonalds and iPod have positioning. When a consumer thinks of a soft drink, Coca Cola is most often the first name that comes to mind.  Drivers looking to satisfy their hunger fast most often look for the Golden Arches. And iPods outsell all other mp3 players by a wide margin (although cell phones are quickly advancing.)  Positioning can be defined as ‘how quickly they think of YOU’ when they have a need.


    .Too many salespeople focus only on the steps to the sale, from prospecting to closing, but never truly differentiate themselves from their competition.


    Customers want solutions, not social calls. When you bring research, ideas or solutions  that will help make their job even a little easier, you differentiate…and you become a valued resource.


    Find your own, personal value. If you consistently bring intelligent discussion, research and ideas, you brand yourself as a value-added consultant. Continuously remind them that you’re working in their best interest with articles or web page links that address their interests and needs and you’ll position yourself as their top, go-to person….the kind they trust, respect and want to do business with.

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