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    I get a lot of requests for this one…..
    Sometimes, no matter how hard you try or sincere you are, you’re not going to please every buyer. After all, you’re doing your job, and that means doing more than giving them a price and backing off. Yet, it’s helpful to know when you’re crossing that line, so to speak, and doing more harm than good.

    Here, then, according to a Purchasing Magazine survey, here are the Top Ten things salespeople do that buyers don’t like (with my comments added):

    Failure to keep promises
    (always, ALWAYS do what you said you would do…no matter how insignificant)
    Lack of creativity
    (having a mindset that there’s only one way to do it)
    Failure to make and keep appointments
    (pop-ins are not welcome, late arrivals are rude)
    Lack of awareness of the customer’s operation
    (“so, what does your company do?”)
    Taking the customer for granted
    (“they buy, they pay, so I don’t have to worry about them, right?”)
    Lack of follow-through
    (when the sale closes, the real work begins)
    Lack of product knowledge
    (“I’m not sure if it will do that or not”)
    Over-aggressiveness and failure to listen
    (“Look, let me tell you how our company operates…”)
    Lack of interest or purpose
    (just looking for a sale)
    Lack of preparation
    (“I think I have one of those brochures here….somewhere”)

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