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    Where will YOU be in 6 months?

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    Scenario #1: your sales are off big time! Gloomy faces and a lot of wailing about the economy fill your office. Closed-door management meetings have everyone on edge. Your biggest personal concern is paying bills.

    Scenario #2: your sales numbers are up. People around the office are calling you a genius, although there’s more than a trace of envy in them. Your biggest personal concern is where you’ll go on vacation.

    Too extreme? No, it’s not. I’ve seen quite a few average salespeople start to see amazing results when they make some major adjustments to their actions…and attitudes. Author Anthony Robbins likes to say “take massive action” (emphasis on MASSIVE). That means doing whatever it takes to grow sales when all signs seem to point down. It might mean making more calls. It might mean asking tougher questions to better understand customer needs. And, while a simple thing like attitude might not seem like it would be a difference-maker, studies show that it does. If you’ve got a positive mental attitude (real…not contrived), it rubs off on others and has been proven to be subconsciously attractive to other business people. Conversely, doom ‘n’ gloom people can be a turn-off. Customers and prospects don’t want to hear about our problems or worries.

    Opportunity is still here, but getting to it requires making changes in mindset and action. You can’t sell today like you did one, three or five years ago. Success in turbulent times comes from doing what it takes, not taking what comes along.

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