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    Selling an Idol

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    Imagine having an outstanding product and a terrific presentation, but still getting reluctance from prospects. We ALL face it, and so did the producers of American Idol.

    Back in 2001, Simon Cowell (British record producer and one of the shows creators), pitched the program to U.S. networks. Believe it or not, he wasn’t immediately welcomed.

    The old WB network gave him a flat-out “NO.”
    UPN said “no.”
    ABC said “no hit potential.”
    CBS said “’don’t call us, we’ll call you.’
    Even the Fox network was less than enthusiastic.

    Fortunately for Cowell (and FOX), an ‘alternate decision-maker’ (not the main contact, but someone who can influence the sale) got involved. That alternate decision-maker had influence…especially
    when she told her husband, Rupert Murdoch, to sign the show!

    He did. They did. And we all know the rest of that story. FOX generates a cool half a billion dollars from each season. Proof, once again, that even with an outstanding product and presentation, you
    still need to maximize your sales calls and make connections with influencers.

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