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    “The Economy” should not be a one-size-fits-all excuse for poor performance. Still, in the words of the immortal Al McGuire, it’s not “all seashells and balloons” yet. That’s nothing to get down about. It’s the ebb and flow of the overall economy and something salespeople need to learn to deal with.

    When it comes to our customers’ mindset, however, that’s another matter.

    Do you find yourself getting caught up in any ‘aint it awful’ conversations? These encounters start with one of you commenting on a tough situation or experience and disintegrates into an all-out sob-session about how bad things are. There’s one outcome: you lose and they lose. Sure, you can’t go all Pollyanna on them, either, pretending that it’s just great, but you can (and should) be the bearer of solutions.

    Come bearing solutions, not a shoulder to cry on. Having those ‘aint it awful’ conversations might feel like bonding moments, but they’ll do more to harm your long-term prospects that being solution-minded will.

    Talking to or seeing more prospective customers. That might mean more networking, appointments or cold calls. True statement: “someone is always buying” Our job in sales is to find them. . If you’ve been to one of my Streetfighter Selling workshops, you know the power of using a mix of old school strategies with new technologies to maximize your time…and productivity,

    You can’t make it all “seashells and balloons,” but it will help get customers thinking and acting more positively,

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