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    Six Tips for a Kick-Butt New Year

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    Treasure Time

    Ben Franklin said that time “is the stuff that life is made of.” Spend it like gold, because it is. We all have 1440 minutes in each day, to wisely use or while away. Oh, and in case you’re thinking I’m one of those serious, work-around-the-clock, clenched-fisted type-A’s, forget it. I believe in maximizing those daylight hours for the good of us and our paper, then strike up a good balance with rest, relaxation and recreation. A few blow-off-some-steam breaks throughout the day can be beneficial to our sanity, too.

    Say it – Do It

    Show everyone you’re a pro. Find something small you can do. Something easy, even insignificant! Then, follow through. A small thing like mentioning an article you’d recently seen on a topic of interest to them. Mention it, adding, “I’ll make sure you get a copy.” Then move on, but make sure you follow though and send it. Believe me; it’ll make an impact. And, before we get too focused on the little stuff, let’s not forget the biggies either. A major beef of purchasing managers is last minute (or non-existent) quotes, proposals and follow-up materials. When you say you’ll do it, do it. They’ll be blown away, and you’ll be seen as a top-flight professional.

    Use Your Brain like a Sponge

    Not for spills, though. Just for information, ideas and details. Ever have an idea pop into your mind while you’re in traffic, or in the shower, only to forget it later? The human brain processes millions of information bits every minute (that’s a ton of traffic), making it difficult to consciously remember everything. But, again, there’s no challenge we can’t solve, right? Hand-held digital recorders are cheap now. Pen and paper are even cheaper. Write or record regular ramblings, then sort through them. The greatest sales-boosting ideas come in an instant.

    Invest in Your Business

    The top 10% of salespeople live by this rule, regardless of whether they have an expense account or not. It’s their livelihood and, along with the commitment comes the responsibility to operate like a business. Appointment books, recorders (as mentioned above), the right clothing, a clean vehicle, sometimes CRM software, client lunches, gifts, greeting cards should all be basic operating tools. Skill-building books, tapes and seminars, too Every profession requires continuing education. We should expect no less from ourselves. If you’re already doing this, congratulations!

    Take Massive Action

    I think ‘there’s not enough time’ was the number one reason for incomplete work or unachieved goals. Are we not living in the most opportunistic of times? A helter skelter approach isn’t appropriate, but duplication of efforts is. Can I make 2 more calls every day? Can I ask a few more of the right questions from every prospective customer? Can I use technology more effectively for service? Yes. Let’s work to reinvent our activities this next year, and stay away from business as usual.

    Get a Daily Dose of PMA

    Norman Vincent Peale coined the term Positive Mental Attitude as an elixir for success. Over the years, it’ been treated with both reverence and indifference. Some say it’s fantastic…others say it’s a bunch of artificial happy-talk that covers up reality.

    It works now more than ever. Take it with an equal amount of #1 above (massive action) and I guarantee you’ll have an incredible year.

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