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    I used to be a ‘by the book’ kind of guy. I kept my shoes shined, car cleaned and plenty of Juicy Fruit in the glove compartment. If the sales manual said ‘do it’, I did it. But, like positive campaign ads, those days are gone.

    Consider this a rule book addendum.

    Over the years, we all followed certain ‘rules of engagement.’ I’m not referring to the core competencies (which include getting organized, making contact, closing, etc.). Those are timeless and won’t soon change. The ‘rules’ I’m talking about here are practices we’ve come to use because, well, because that was the way we always did it. Rules like calling up cold to make appointments, getting prospective customers to like us, asking the simple, easy-to-answer questions and, one of my favorites, shut up and wait for the sale to close.

    Good luck with all of that now. So let’s change the rules.

    Here’s the first one:
    In pursuit of new business: you’re going to get voice mail, and your message won’t be returned. Now I’m sure that there are some of you reading this who have found people in your business/market area often return calls. I know it happens and think it’s great. But for most, time and technology have done away with the businessperson answering an anonymous call, or returning a call when it pertains to something that’s not hot on their agenda at the moment.

    Replacing cold phone calls with hot calls that focus on current issues or changes that the company is going through. Hook up with decision-makers through networking and social media contacts.

    If you sell business to business, you’ve got to do your homework. Know their business model and trends, new products or service and top personnel. Pour over their website, research their industry trade magazines online, look up local business news and Google news items on the company. It’s all about making better use of technology, although not in a Brett Favre sort of way. (Quick tip: this is done evenings and weekends, not during prime selling hours.)

    Get to know specifics about the company, your contact, recent changes and industry trends through online research and face to face brainstorming. Think like a detective. Look for things others miss. And ask questions that others won’t ask. Knowledge is power, my friend, more now than ever.

    Gain critical knowledge on their ‘value definitions,’ internal power centers and purchasing procedures and timelines.

    More ‘New Rules’ to come.

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