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    In ‘Sales 101,’ we’re taught that, if a prospect doesn’t buy, we haven’t convinced them yet. Good advice. But sometimes they are convinced (fact and benefit-wise), but still won’t say yes. What gives? Is all this sales advice a bunch of hooey? Not quite. Reasons prospects pause also include:

    Comfort Zone Comfort Zone Comfort Zone.
    People will gravitate toward those actions with a predictable outcome. And amazingly, even if they’re not satisfied with that outcome. It’s got to really HURT before they’ll move out of that zone, especially in difficult times. Accountability to others comes into play, too. Rather than explain changes, they might avoid changes.

    But don;t give up easily. Find their concerns, then start to assure them that you’ll be reliable, and that you’ll go the extra miles to make any internal changes or transitions smooth.

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