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    Just when you think you’ve heard the word CHANGE for the umpteenth time….something else changes!

    It happens so fast that the very strategies you’re using today, even reading here, may be obsolete a year from now. Just look at how e-mail has changed over the past few years.
    When it comes to human reactions to change, especially work-related, we all react to it in one of four ways:
    -We’ll question it,
    -We’ll run from it,
    -We’ll sabotage it or
    -We’ll embrace it!

    There’s nothing wrong with questioning workplace change…that can actually help to shape it and make it more productive. But, too often, people gravitate toward that security blanket of stability and sameness, and that restricts change.

    The demands in sales are always changing. Our job, today, is to question, then embrace change,…and, when possible, be change agents and help our customers do the same.

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