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    Fresh Eyes

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    Sales doesn’t really change that much. As Jerry Jones (dominative owner of the Dallas Cowboys) once said, “there are five rules to selling: one is ‘get the money.’ I forgot the other four.”

    But some things do change.

    For years, many companies did things the same old way. Call it the old formula. Some symptoms: a long-time customer base (sometimes just a few) and all of their time and resources are devoted to those few (while new business development is virtually ignored). Then, when the economic pendulum swings and business slows, their sales curve plummets like a bowling ball off a ten story building.

    Breaking the old formula means having ‘fresh-eyes’ for:

    -measurably expanding customer base

    -Looking deeper for new opportunities with existing customers

    -Connecting with multiple decision-makers

    In many businesses, decisions may be made by the brass, finance, engineering,

    production and sales, as well as the buyer. Streetfighters find ways to make that happen.

    The pendulum will always swing, but sales won’t be going back. It’s up to us to change our own formula for doing business.

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