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    What would it be worth to you to add more impact to your presentations? Nothing loud or dramatic. In fact, the best impact is usually subtle….but heavily customer focused.

    Too often, we make presentations that put the spotlight on us, and our company. For instance, how much time do you spend writing your proposals? A wise sales manager taught me that the amount of time I invested in preparation should be proportionate to the dollars I was asking for. Makes sense. While there’s nothing wrong with re-using a proposal format (a great time-saver), don’t let a weak, generic proposal lose the sale.

    Before proposing your solution, probe for specific needs. If your prospect said “saving money is a priority,” don’t make ‘saving money’ as one of your objectives. It’s just not specific enough. Use due diligence to discover where they could use that extra money. Find out what they believe would change…for the better…once committing to you. Now, your objectives become helping them achieve those goals.

    Here are three things to double-check before you make that next ‘big one:’

    Your Materials
    Are your written materials neat and organized? Doing some additional homework, customizing your presentation, and watching the small details can make a world of difference. Customize it to their needs, including having an “objectives” page that spells out, in detail, which of their goals you’ll helping to achieve. And, whenever possible, use visuals or demonstrations to make key points.

    Your Leadership
    A prospect should never be handed a proposal to quietly read. The best, and most successful proposals, are interactive. You both have a part. You’re the tour guide through this presentation, and it’s up to you to walk them through the selling points, getting their comments along the way.

    Did you add a little extra grooming time this morning? Clothes clean and pressed? An extra breath mint in your pocket? Did you “dry run” your presentation? Top pros continue to record themselves, and become keenly aware of speech habits (like repeated use of “you know,” you know?). And always arrive five to ten minutes early for a scheduled appointment. Even if you don’t notice, your prospect will.

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