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    Cell Phones in Public

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    Sometimes we miss the obvious. While leaving a recent meeting, I walked with the company VP-Sales to the lobby where a well-dressed gentleman was talking on his cell phone. Nothing wrong so far, though The Streetfighter strongly discourages usage in a client’s lobby. The bigger problem: he was speaking loudly (and about another of his company’s customers) while pacing the lobby. “Can you believe it,” the Veep said under his breath. After finally noticing us, Mr. Cell ended it with “gotta go,” snapped the phone shut and stuck is hand out, introducing himself to the VP. Turns out, the two of them had an appointment. A first-time appointment. Ooops.

    Coincidentally, Wired Magazine has a very similar article on cell phone etiquette. That’s as hilarious as it is serious. From public usage to loud ring tones, it’s something that every busy salesperson should read, just as a cautious reminder.

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