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    Setting Goals, Changing Habits

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    Now's the time to plan

    With a new year, it’s customary for us to set new goals, and revisit old ones. This past month I’ve heard a lot of terrific success stories from business leaders and salespeople about goals achieved, and often surpassed. And the common denominator with almost all of them wasn’t the goal as much as it was change.

    We’ve all heard that, to be achieved, a goal has to be specific, achievable and measurable. But new goals, with old work habits, are rarely realized. If I wanted to make more calls, sell more major accounts, learn the piano, or do more with my family, but couldn’t find the time, then I’d come up short. When looking at your ’09 goals, consider these potential barriers:


    Is it tough enough getting what’s got to be done accomplished? Does your ‘want-to-do’ list keep growing? New goals could be in jeopardy. Reorganizing your use of time now becomes a priority.

    Comfort Zones

    I’ll use the want more major accounts example here. I’ve known salespeople who develop a comfort working with smaller customers, where making contacts are easier, and often more casual. Their subconscious comfort with those surroundings causes them to put off the unknowns of pursuing multiple decision-makers and competing with larger, more assertive competition. Developing confidence and skills for the pursuit is as important as the prospect list.


    Old habits die hard. Real hard. Making positive, permanent changes too often takes a crisis situation (“do it, or you’re outta here”). Pros rely on strong, personal discipline and the support (and prodding) of a partner or manager.

    Add these to your toolbox and you’re going to do some amazing things in the new year!

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