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    Just Send Me a Quote

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    Q: “My customers are busy and can’t take time to meet face-to-face. They want prices e-mailed, but then nothing happens. How can I change this?”

    I get asked that a lot. And it’s a chronic problem. Busy buyers just want quotes, and then make their decisions on their own criteria (which, for the most part, include who they feel the most comfortable buying from).

    I don’t like e-mailed quotes. Unless it’s going to a current customer with whom you have an on-going relationship, e-mailed quotes take the selling out of sales.

    But, in those cases where you absolutely have no choice, add these two steps and you’ll see those all-important ‘connections’ grow (and get a better closing ratio):

    Call Ahead

    “I’m about to send that quote and just wanted to confirm one thing.”

    Ask a question about one of the specifications, about their timetable, etc. Thank them again for the opportunity, tell them you’ll “follow up shortly,” and let ‘er rip.

    Follow Up

    Did they say it’ll take a week or two to get an answer? Did they say they’d let you know? Did I say stop there? Especially if this is a new customer, FOLLOW-UP. The key is to have a specific reason for following up…. as you don’t want to sound like a lap dog who says “didja getit…didja getit…didja getit?” (Of course they got it.) Make a strategic call that includes these elements:

    “I know it’ll be a week or so before you have an answer” (set aside THAT debate)

    “but I just wanted to make sure we’ve got everything covered.”

    This could elicit responses from “I haven’t looked yet” to “looks good.”

    Now, reconfirm their next step, thank them for the opportunity. Be sure to fire out a brief thank you letter, too.

    Ps…. Personal visits should be proportionate to dollar amounts. Larger, more detailed quotations have “I need face time” written all over them!

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