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  • Nov

    There are few things worse than a prospective sale that just kind of vanishes.
    “Poof!” No reasons, no excuses, no phone calls returned. The process just stops. Phone calls go unreturned, and time continues to drift along.

    It’s slipped into the Black Hole of Sales!

    Most Black Holes are a symptom of something else. Something we missed. Asking more of the tough questions will take us further behind the scenes where Black Holes originate. These questions include:

    Is there a ‘drop dead’ timeline for moving ahead?
    What has to happen in order for it to proceed
    Who has to decide or sign off on it?
    What are the biggest potential barriers?
    Is it budgeted?
    Is it a strong priority?

    Any “no” or otherwise vague answer spells DANGER. Black Hole possibility is good. The sale can still move ahead, but it would be a good idea to ask more questions and uncover those roadblocks early.

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