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  • Jun

    Yogi Berra once said “Ninety percent of the game is half mental.” He wasn’t half wrong.
    Practicing the right things and a total belief in your outcome will win out over ‘going through the motions’ every time.

    In sales, practicing the ‘right things’ means learning everything about how their company can or could use what you sell, then knowing how to tailor your presentation to their specific needs. Practice means taking the time to study, even rehearse the questions you plan to ask, or the presentation points you’re going to make. The psychological advantage you’ll have at your next ‘meeting of the minds’ with that prospect is astronomical.

    Your ‘total belief’ is just that. You have no-limit confidence in your company and in the suggestions you’ll make. Not a cocky attitude or arrogance, just firm confidence. It’s one of the most engaging and contagious attitudes in business today.

    Focus on those two traits, and 90% of the battle is won.

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  • Jun

    Do you accomplish everything you set out to do in a day? Yea, me too. (are you kidding?) Time is today’s currency, and every one of us fights the daily battle between the details and fires needing attention right now, and the planning and execution of consistent new-business development.

    This is always easier said than done but, if you made three new ‘good contacts’ every week since the first of the year, (at a few hours a week), you’d have an extra 80 contacts that could connect you to new sales. Even with a minimal call-to-close ratio, that would mean a lot of potential activity (and a more secure account list!)

    Except for that time thing.

    Finding time is the challenge. Taking it is the solution. Nobody’s going to give it to you. No customer is going to call and say “we want to buy…and you just leave those little details to us.” The interruptions will not stop.

    Here are three strategies for finding time:

    1) Schedule it (this is pretty basic, but it’s critical). Block out several hours every week as though it was time for your best customer.

    2) Prepare for it. Before you start your week, print out a list of prospective customers, complete with name, phone and other notes. You’ve got to have a list, otherwise, when the time comes, it’s spent looking up names.

    3) Be disciplined. I like the health club analogy. On January 1st, we’re all committed to fitness. That’s why the lines at Bally’s are so long. But, but February 1st, you can fire a cannon through there and not hit anything. Point is, discipline wins. Do you stay committed to a plan after the initial motivation has worn off? Challenge yourself week in and week out. It gets toughest when you’re already at peak capacity.

    Don’t just find time….Take It. Grab that clock and out a choke hold on it. It’s yours.

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