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  • Feb

    Happy People
    Did you know that ‘chronically happy’ people are generally more successful in their professional and personally lives? More importantly, their happiness is the result of ‘positive emotions,’ not money, but their happiness DOES make them more confident, optimistic and energetic, creating what UC-Riverside research guru, Sonja Lyubomirsky calls “success-oriented behaviors.” It’s too bad that we too often tend to focus on the negatives in life. Bad news sells, and people like to tell others about their ‘pain of the day.’ But those who are serious about success will spend more time looking up than looking down.

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  • Feb

    It’s become a common rallying cry in the sales profession: “if we cut this deal, we can make it up on future sales.” My first experience with it was in my early days of ad sales. I left a meeting with a potential advertiser thinking ‘this is going to be huge.’ My sales manager wasn’t as impressed when I started spewing my promises for “more, more, more” if we’d take this cut-rate (half price) offer. “We’ll make it up when we renew!” That’s when he explained two rules of selling:
    1) don’t sell for potential profit, and
    2) it’s not good business to lose money on a sale.

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