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    Are you a confident person? I don’t mean I’ve-got-a-big-ego-let-me-slam-dunk-the-ball confident, but a real sense of knowing that you’re in control of your sales, regardless of economic ups and downs. Are you confident that you are the right person to handle the sale and close it?

    Confidence is more than a firm handshake. It can be the difference between struggling to make quota and having a clear plan of action. And today, after a few years of a rough economy, a lot of people have lost theirs…or at least had it slip. Too bad, too, because even a slight drop can affect one’s performance, and next year’s success. There’s an old saying: “confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence.”

    Confidence is the ultimate intangible. A customer can often read more about you from the signals you send than from the words you say. It has a direct correlation to job satisfaction, too. I’ve spent time at both ends of the confidence spectrum, riding the highs fueled by (and creating more) success, as well as the lows of lack of confidence and the subsequent mediocre performance.

    So where do we get this confidence? Most people already have it, but it may be undeveloped. It’s tough to give one of those three-steps-to-the solution answers here. I believe that everyone, confident or not, should conduct a personal SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis. Doing so brings focus to the abilities you have, and those you want to increase. It’s can be a great confidence booster. Here’s a terrific template

    Those confident researchers at Ohio State University found that simple things, like posture, play a big role. Remember how Mom always told you to sit up straight? She was right. They found that good posture projected confidence while the lack of it…well, lacked it. And further evidence shows that people who project confidence connect better with others, are more persuasive, and actually feel better about themselves.

    You can (and should) “fake it until you make it” by thinking, talking and acting with confidence (even if you’re not there yet). But avoid an air of over-confidence.
    Remember, perception is reality, and you don’t want to turn customers off, either.

    So start by asking yourself these questions:
    1) How do I feel about my chances for success next year?
    2) What can I do to make them even better?

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