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  • Jan

    I get a lot of requests for this one…..
    Sometimes, no matter how hard you try or sincere you are, you’re not going to please every buyer. After all, you’re doing your job, and that means doing more than giving them a price and backing off. Yet, it’s helpful to know when you’re crossing that line, so to speak, and doing more harm than good.

    Here, then, according to a Purchasing Magazine survey, here are the Top Ten things salespeople do that buyers don’t like (with my comments added):

    Failure to keep promises
    (always, ALWAYS do what you said you would do…no matter how insignificant)
    Lack of creativity
    (having a mindset that there’s only one way to do it)
    Failure to make and keep appointments
    (pop-ins are not welcome, late arrivals are rude)
    Lack of awareness of the customer’s operation
    (“so, what does your company do?”)
    Taking the customer for granted
    (“they buy, they pay, so I don’t have to worry about them, right?”)
    Lack of follow-through
    (when the sale closes, the real work begins)
    Lack of product knowledge
    (“I’m not sure if it will do that or not”)
    Over-aggressiveness and failure to listen
    (“Look, let me tell you how our company operates…”)
    Lack of interest or purpose
    (just looking for a sale)
    Lack of preparation
    (“I think I have one of those brochures here….somewhere”)

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  • Jan

    macysNow, with all due respect to the employees and families affected,
    the headline-grabbing news that MACY’S IS SHUTTERING STORES!” (reporters like the word shuttering for some reason) due to “one of weakest holiday seasons in years” is yet another example of how we’re bombarded with mind-numbing ‘doom ‘n’ gloom’ on a daily basis.

    I like Macy’s and their proud history. It’s also filled with numerous mergers and aquisitions, especially during the last 20 years, sometimes resulting in self-competition!).

    The January 8th announcement thyat they plan to close eleven of their stores is an adjustment, not an earthquake. 11 closings represents just over 1% of their stores, and, coming off a holiday season that WAS one of the lowest in recent history, this action is one we’ve seen before, and will always see in a free enterprise environment.

    Our economy is going through a challenging time, no doubt. But look deeper into some of these doom ‘n’ gloom stories before they take their toll on you or your customers.

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  • Jan

    If you read only one article this week, make it this one by Paul McCord:

    “2009: The Year of The Hunter.”
    My favorite line: ““You might have to put on your hunting boots, take up your gun, and hit the trail once more….and it might be the best thing that could happen to you.”

    Too many salespeople have lost, or never learned the skills of the sales hunter. We think of ‘prospecting’ as following up on a lead or making a call or two on a slow day. In reality, hunting is a focused, multiple-source strategy of continuous business development. That’s what brings value to the company. That’s what increases personal income when others are crying ‘recession.’

    2009 is, indeed, “The Year of The Hunter!”

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  • Jan

    Imagine having an outstanding product and a terrific presentation, but still getting reluctance from prospects. We ALL face it, and so did the producers of American Idol.

    Back in 2001, Simon Cowell (British record producer and one of the shows creators), pitched the program to U.S. networks. Believe it or not, he wasn’t immediately welcomed.

    The old WB network gave him a flat-out “NO.”
    UPN said “no.”
    ABC said “no hit potential.”
    CBS said “’don’t call us, we’ll call you.’
    Even the Fox network was less than enthusiastic.

    Fortunately for Cowell (and FOX), an ‘alternate decision-maker’ (not the main contact, but someone who can influence the sale) got involved. That alternate decision-maker had influence…especially
    when she told her husband, Rupert Murdoch, to sign the show!

    He did. They did. And we all know the rest of that story. FOX generates a cool half a billion dollars from each season. Proof, once again, that even with an outstanding product and presentation, you
    still need to maximize your sales calls and make connections with influencers.

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